Now We’re Cooking!

So stupendously excited to share some news on the book front!  I’ve been sitting on it for weeks now, but the ink is dry, and I can officially announce that Lake Union Publishing, an imprint of Amazon’s traditional publishing arm, has picked up THE GRAVE TENDER for re-publication in 2017.  And the good news doesn’t … More Now We’re Cooking!

Pinterest and Writing

I have a confession.  I’m addicted to Pinterest.  It’s a drug, no doubt.  Aside from giving me “crafty” ideas– which I can never quite pull off, but that’s neither here nor there– Pinterest has taught me I’ve been wearing the wrong size bra for the majority of my life, and how to make creme brûlée. … More Pinterest and Writing

For the record

My mom hates this picture.  I posted it on a social media site not long ago and she just about flipped her lid.  That’s me, on the left, and my brother on the right.  And yes, he is, as a matter of fact, drinking a beer.  A Natural Light, to be exact. She didn’t believe … More For the record